Bulgarian Mini Tour

Hey people!

At last we can share some exciting news with you all!

We are really proud to announce that this summer we will engage our first ever mini-tour outside Switzerland! In august we will be in Bulgaria with our compatriots Exsöm for a few gigs in Sofia and Burgas!!

During this journey we will have our bro Piter (Beansidhe, Heavy Demons) on the bass to cover for Igor, which unfortunately will be absent for his exams.

Check out the flyer for more details.

Stay tuned!


Release Date and Label Revealed

Hey guys!

We are proud to announce that we signed a deal with Revalve Records for the release of our updoming album!

"Decahedron" will be released worldwide the 25th of September.

In the meantime check out our new lyric video for the song "Foreboding Visions" available in the video section below!

Stay Tuned!



New Album Artwork Revealed

Hey guys!

Take a look to the cover art of our upcoming album DECAHEDRON

More info about the release will come soon! Stay Tuned!



New Management

Good news guys!

We're happy to announce our collaboration with K2 MUSIC MANAGEMENT, that will take care of our promotion, booking and management. We're sure that this new alliance will soon bear its fruits!



New Album Update

Hey people!

We’re proud and happy to announce that all of the material concerning our album is ready..

Our debut album is entitled DECAHEDRON; and will include the following 10 tracks:

01. Corrupted
02. Foreboding Visions
03. The Blight
04. A Dreamless Machine
05. Engulfed By Darkness
06. Misanthropic Entrapment
07. The Possession
08. Eyes
09. The Modern Prometheus
10. Lunar Mutation

Unfortunately, since we’re still considering all options for the printing, we can’t give you a release date yet.

Soon we’ll give you more infos, like the album artwork and maybe some song previews..!



Tersicore Booking

We are really glad to announce that we have joined forces with Tersicore Booking!
Looking forward to work with those great guys!

Contact information can be found in the booking section.



Studio Update: Vocals

Emi finished recording the vocals!
In the next weeks we will start with the album mixing!
Stay tuned!



Studio Update: Bass and Keys

Some news from the studio!
During the last weeks we completed the recordings of the bass and the keyboards.
This week Emi will be in the studio nailing the vocals down!

See ya!


Studio Update: Guitars

We finished the recordins of the rhythm guitars!
The next step is guitar solos!



Studio Update: Drums

Monday we started the recordings for our first album at Stairway Studio!
The drums are already done and they sound really good!



The next week we will enter Stairway Studio to begin the recordings of our first full length album!
Stay tuned, more updates from the studio will come in the next weeks.


We are sad to announce that our keyboard player Amos, due to different priorities, has decided to part ways from Kupid's Kurse. We wish him all the best for his new cinematographic path.

Siamo spiacenti di annunciare che il nostro tastierista Amos, a causa di differenti priorità, ha deciso di lasciare i Kupid's Kurse. Gli auguriamo tante soddisfazioni per questo suo nuovo percorso cinematografico.

Abbiamo quindi deciso di cercare un nuovo membro per completare la formazione. Invitiamo dunque tutti gli interessati a contattarci in modo da poter fissare un incontro.


New tunes "Engulfed by Darkness" and "The Blight" are available for streaming in our music player! Check 'em out!

This summer we are going to play @ Metalcamp Festival in Tolmin, Solvenia! So if you haven't bought your ticket yet, buy it from us!

Prices are:

5-Day Ticket: 114 EUR
3-Day Ticket: 82 EUR

Orders will also receive our EP "A New Beginning" for free!

Be quick! Send your order to kupidskurse666@gmail.com

This week end we will hit Stairway Studios to record some new stuff!
Reached Palco ai Giovani 2011 Finals!
New shows confirmed!
We are glad to announce that our new website is Online!

KUPID'S KURSE became a reality in the summer of 2007, when the band's formation was finally completed. In 2008 they took the stage for the first time receiving good feedback.

In terms of sound, Kupid's Kurse created its mix by blending elements from death, black, thrash metal and hardcore. Orchestral and electronic synths are also added to the mix allowing the band to express the power of its compositions. KK's lyrics are mostly written as sci-fi/horror short stories, thus allowing the reader to either take them literally or to find new meaning between the lines.

The band released its first EP "A New Beginning" in 2009 and after this publication had the honor to play, in the summer of 2010 and 2011, at Metalcamp Festival (Slovenia), one of the most important metal festival in Europe.

The band has released the first full length "Decahedron" on September 25th 2013 via Revalve Records


Kupid's Kurse - Decahedron

Type: LP

Total Running: 46:08

  1. Corrupted
  2. Foreboding Visions
  3. The Blight
  4. A Dreamless Machine
  5. Engulfed By Darkness
  6. Misanthropic Entrapment
  7. The Possession
  8. Eyes
  9. The Modern Prometheus
  10. Lunar Mutation


Kupid's Kurse - A New Beginning

Type: EP

Total Running: 22:39

  1. The Outsider
  2. I Will Take More
  3. A New Beginning
  4. Into the Unknown
  5. Unleash my Hate


Kupid's Kurse
c/o Roberto Guidi
Via Ol Mött 35
6703 Osogna

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